Advancing the call

Advancing the Kingdom follows the scripture that has been the mandate of this church since it opened its doors in 1956:

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations...” Matthew 28:19

Purchasing land and building a building is not the end goal for BP Church. It always has been and always will be reaching as many people for the Kingdom of God in the city He has placed us and beyond. This is the call He gave us, the call we have heard and the call we continue to answer. Our desire is to create a ministry center that will enable us to continue Advancing the Kingdom of God in north Calgary and around the world!

By God’s grace and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, BP Church’s 60-year ministry has seen some incredible growth. In the last six years we have:

  • Doubled in size

  • Seen hundreds of people either renew their faith or give their life to Christ

  • Grown from 400 to over 800 people attending our weekend services

  • Gone from 1 to 4 services

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  1. Our current main campus facility is struggling to meet the needs of our ministry. In order to meet the current needs and to have room to grow and continue Advancing the Kingdom of God, we need a new facility. This new building will house all ministries (some scattered across the community) in one location, under one roof.

  2. Limited parking

  3. Easy access especially for disabled persons (no elevator between floors)

  4. Limitations on community ministries such as Agapé, a ministry for new immigrants

  5. Limitations on growing church ministries such as Children’s and Women’s Ministry

  6. Inadequate space to host community events (Agapé potluck/Community BBQ)

As a ministry, purchasing the land will allow us to be centrally located and serve both the north and west communities of Calgary, which are among the largest mission fields in Calgary – with people of every tribe and nation living and represented here.

God has transformed us into a multi-ethnic church with a great foundation of people from all over the world. This sets us up to meet the spiritual needs that exist in these communities.